December 5, 2020

You Had Me At Hola Review

Title: You Had Me At Hola
Alexis Daria

“Opening up, letting people in, even if it’s just to carry the burden of knowledge.”

After a messy breakup Jasmine moves to New York to film a new bilingual romantic comedy show. She’s hoping this will help shoot her career to the top. Ashton is her co-star, and he’s hoping to make a name for himself as well. In order for it to work they need to generate a sexy and steamy on air chemistry. They decide to rehearse lines in private and well…. one thing leads to another.

What did I like:
1. I appreciated the diversity in this book. All of the main characters were from a wide variety of ethnicities which is nice to see. The author added in some Spanish lines which I think added to the story.
2. The relationship between the Jasmine and Ashton was a slow build, no instalove. I like when romance stories slowly build up of the relationship. There was also the perfect amount of steam.
3. Overall I thought the TV show scenes added to the story. It allowed to the reader to see two sides of the character. Their TV personality and their real life personality. Sometimes I think we forget actors have personalities and life outside their tv shows or movies.

What didn’t I like:
1. I would have liked to see more dynamic between Jasmine and her cousins. There were a few sections devoted to this but I loved their banter, friendship and closeness. I wanted more of it.
2. The story touched a little on some mental health issues that both Jasmine and Ashton were going through. I think it could have gone expanded a bit with that. I’m getting a little nit picky though.

Overall a pretty good read. Romance usually isn’t my genre of choice but overall I really enjoyed this.