November 6, 2021

Wish You Were Here Review

Wish You Were Here Review

Title: Wish You Were Here
Author: Jodi Picoult
Style: Contemporary
Rating: 4/5

**This is a story about Covid.  If you are not ready for that then wait to read this one.**

Beautifully crafted story about resilience, love, determination and has an unexpected twist that made my jaw hit the floor.  The story is flawless and multilayered and sure to bring out many emotions as covid is still fresh on everyone's mind.  I enjoyed the strength and determination of these characters. They were well developed and relatable.

Diana and her boyfriend, Finn are about to head on a trip to the Galapagos and then covid hits.  Finn is a surgeon and must stay behind. Right after Diana arrives, they shut down the island.  No one can get in and out. While away she begins to question everything in her life and begins to wonder if she'll be a different person upon returning.

I appreciated the research that went into this book.  Picoult went above and beyond when it comes to that. I loved her author's note (but don't start there because it's sure to ruin the book for you).  This is definitely one that will sit with me awhile.  Well done Picoult.  

Picoult asks in her author's note if you can remember where you were when the world shut down.  I was at a funeral, probably the last in person one for a while. Some guests were afraid to hug.  So we popped elbows.  As the weekend went on more and more began to shut down nationwide.  When I dropped my sibling at the airport, I went home and cried because I had no idea when I would see them again. This book reminded me of how far we have come.  Hopefully the end is close