December 17, 2021

When You Get the Chance Review

Title: When You Get the Chance
Author: Emma Lord
Style: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Rating: 4/5

When You Get the Chance is a heartwarming read about a girl named Millie who is a high schooler who wants to be on broadway someday.  Millie was also left on her father's doorstep when she was just a baby.  He raised her all on his own.  When Millie and her best friend Teddy stumble across her dad's old LiveJournal (which makes me feel old because I had one in college) they make it their mission to try to track down Millie's birth mother.  They end up narrowing it down to three possible women who could be her mother.  You won't want to miss this laugh out loud funny story.

I absolutely adored these characters who were fun, bold, engaging, entertaining and brave.  They also had a lot of growth in finding out who they are as the story developed.  I am not familiar with Mamma Mia (ducks for cover) but I guess it follows a similar storyline path.  The story was cute, laugh out loud funny but also covered some tougher topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found myself a little sad when the story ended and I had to say goodbye to these characters.  This was my first Emma Lord novel and it will not be my last.

Thank you Wednesday Books for the advanced readers copy.  When You Get the Chance releases January 4, 2022.