May 22, 2022

Upgrade Review

Upgrade Review

Title: Upgrade
Author: Blake Crouch
Style: Science Fiction, Thriller
Rating: 4/5

**Thank you NetGalley and Ballentine Books for the advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review.  Upgrade comes out July 12th.

"We don't have an intelligence problem.  We have a compassion problem.  That, more than any other single factor, is what's driving us toward extinction."

Logan's genome has been hacked, making him sharper.  He can concentrate more, his memory has improved and he needs less sleep. Everything about him has improved. He's been upgraded. There's a bigger plan in motion and it's putting the world at risk and Logan is one of the only people that can help.

Blake Crouch does it again with this action packed futuristic science fiction novel. Upgrade is a clever and engaging story that covers some controversial/thought provoking themes; should gene modification be allowed for the sake of humanity or not? The story was a little heavy at times on the science aspect of genetics but it didn't take away from the overall story for me.  Another must read from Crouch.