November 22, 2021

The Charm Offensive Review

The Charm Offensive Review

Title: The Charm Offensive
Author: Alison Cochrun
Style: Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5/5

“Because there is nothing more terrifying than standing up in front of the world and declaring that you deserve love.”

When Charlie goes on a reality TV show he has no intention of falling in love but rather fixing his image. Dev is his producer and handler.  As they begin to film the pair start to open up to each other and Charlie realizes he has more in common with Dev than the 20 female contestants.  

Gah!  This book gave me all the feels.  I loved it so much!  We need more queer rep in books, more queer romances and Alison Cochrun nailed this one. I  loved Charlie and Dev's characters so much. Their slow build somewhat forbidden romance was so cute and had me swooning. This book beautifully touches on many different aspects of mental health like OCD, depression and anxiety and it's wonderful to see these normalized in a novel. I loved how the characters supported one another through hard times. The story made me laugh, it made me cry, made me giddy and when I finished I had a huge smile on my face.  I'll definitely be reading more books by this author.