June 29, 2021

Mid-Year Check in (2021)

Mid-Year Check in (2021)

We are six months into 2021.  I still do not know how that happened. Crazy!

I set a goal to read 125 books in 2021.  I always set my goal low (for me) because I never know what life will through at me.  But I am setting a great pace to surpass that by quite a bit.  I have read a total of 86 books so far this year.  

I'll do the same breakdown I do for my monthly wrap ups.  I always like seeing the percentage breakdown.  

Audio: 14 (16%)
E-Book: 28 (33%)
Physical: 44 (51%)

NetGalley: 22 (26%)
Own: 44 (51%)
Library: 19 (22%)
Physical Arcs: 1 (1%)

It's hard to pick top books out of 86. So I decided to pick a favorite for each month instead.

January- Amelia Unabridged
February- House in the Cerulean Sea
March- 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
April- The Dating Plan
May- The Good Sister
June- The Heart's of Invisible Furies