April 27, 2021

In a Book Club Far Away Review

In a Book Club Far Away Review

Title: In a Book Club Far Away
Author: Tif Marcelo
Style: Chick Lit, Contemporary
Rating: 3/5

“Their voices rang through the crowded kitchen. 'Book Club!' "

Regina, Adelaide and Sophie met on base as Army wives and bonded over books. Soon they became best friends who were there for each other through deployment of their partners and other life events.  When a betrayal happens on base the friendships are tested and they end suddenly.  Eight years later, Adelaide calls on her two former best friends for help while her husband is stationed overseas. When the three women come together will they be able to reconcile or will they hang onto the past and hold on to grudges?  

I love book clubs and books about book clubs are almost just as amazing. This was a pretty fast read for me. The chapters are short and each section starts off with a quote from a book which is pretty cool.  It's told in dual timelines as well as multiple points of view.  The reader gets to see the woman become friends and what tore them apart.  Then the reader sees the group trying to reconnect years later. This part is relatable for me and probably many, with friendships where both parties have lost touch over the years but still stay connected through social media or wish to reconnect.

Overall it was just okay. I didn't love the book but I didn't hate it either. I think these characters would be relatable to those who are married or in a relationship with someone in the military. It was nice to get a glimpse of that life. The big mystery that tore the group apart seemed like an overreaction to me as well as predictable. I did read this book pretty quickly, only took me like a day or two to finish so it was enjoyable for the most part.