March 7, 2020

Two Lives of Lydia Bird Review

Title: Two Lives of Lydia Bird
Author: Josie Silver
Type: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Published: 2020
Pages: 432
Rating: 4/5

What is this book about?
Lydia and Freddie have been together for over a decade. They are engaged when the unthinkable happens and Freddie dies in a horrible accident. Lydia tries to move through her grief with her family and friends by her side. She finds a way into parallel universe in which Freddie didn’t die as has an opportunity to visit him which is both heartwarming and difficult for her.

What did I think?
The book is listed as also being a romance but I don’t really think it should be classified as one. There isn’t a whole lot of romance in the book. I still really enjoyed it though and thought it was a wonderful book about moving through and past the death of a loved one. A book about managing and dealing with grief. Superb character and storyline development. I loved the ending.