March 30, 2022

Twenty Years Later Review

Title: Twenty Years Later
Author: Charlie Donlea
Style: Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Avery Mason is a TV host for a show called American Events.  She decides to do a story on new DNA technology that has helped identify those who died in the twin towers on 9/11. She discovers that Victoria, who was identified through this technology, was accused of killing her lover back in 2001 but when the towers fell the case went with it. Twenty years later she begins to investigate with Walt Jenkins, the detective at the time, to uncover the truth because Victoria had always claimed she was innocent.

I really enjoyed The Suicide House and so I was super excited about this one. I let out a squeal when I found it on the bookshelf at my library. I had been on hold for the e-book for a couple months. I enjoyed the multiple timelines and points of view in this story. I was able to figure out most of what was going on but I still really enjoyed it and there were some things that surprised me. Overall a pretty solid mystery.