January 2, 2021

This Time Next Year Review

Title: This Time Next Year
Sophie Cousens
Romantic Comedy

A boy and a girl were born on the same day at the same hospital on January 1st. They meet for the first time on their 30th birthdays but as you read you find there were many times they came across one another in those 30 years. Minnie Cooper is a baker and always views her birthday as unlucky because Quinn Hamilton was born a few minutes before her and given the prize money for being the first baby born on January 1st in 1990. After the pair officially meet they seem to keep bumping into each other. It seem fate wants to bring them together.

What a cute story that was the perfect way for me to start my reading goals this year. I finished this book on January 1st. This seemed to be an enemy to friends to lovers kind of story. One of my favorite parts about this story is how each character grew and changed over the course of the book. I loved how some of the characters helped other characters become better versions of themselves. Not really a lot of steam, so major romance fans probably would love this one but it’s such a sweet story with some laugh our loud moments.