March 11, 2022

This May End Badly Review

This May End Badly Review

Title: This May End Badly
Author: Samantha Markum
Style: Young Adult, Coming of Age
Rating: 3/5

Thank you NetGalley and Wednesday Books for the e-arc in exchange for my review.  This May End Badly comes out April 12th.

The Weston girls have been pranking the Winfield boys (and vice versa) since both schools opened.  When a merger threatens that rivalry, Doe will do everything in her power to stop the merger including pretending to date her biggest rivals, nicknamed Three,  cousin Wells. While I thought this would be a cute fake dating story, it's more of a coming of age novel and people coming together for the greater good.

I'll be honest, I really didn't enjoy the first part of this novel.  I found the storyline and characters to be a bit immature.  Never ending pranks throughout the school year just didn't seem that believable. Then the novel went in a bit of a different direction and I found myself enjoying it a lot more. I think the author did a really good job with the growth of these characters especially the main character Doe which made me second guess my dislike for the first part of the book. I think the intention was for her to be immature and kind of annoying. Regardless, I do like the message of this book and I think a lot of people will enjoy it.