September 19, 2020

This Cruel Design Review

Title: This Cruel Design
Author: Emily Suvada
Type: Young Adult, Dystopian  
Pages: 394
Rating: 4/5
Method Read: Audio

“If there is a design that underpins us, Catarina, then it is cold, it is violent, and it is cruel.” 
This Cruel Design-Emily Suvada

***If you have not read the first book, The Mortal Coil please stop now to avoid possible spoilers for the first book in the series***

This is the second book in The Mortal Coil series and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It picks off right where it left off. Catarina finds out that the virus has mutated and they spend a good chunk of the book searching for Lachlan for help apply a patch to the vaccine the had been created. Cat also begins to recover lost memories which makes her question everything.

This story is truly magnificent. Her world building is truly stunning in how she involves futristic technology with coding and genehacking. This story is action packed and oh so good! Love all the characters, including the new ones introduced. Plus that ending?! OMG! Give me the next book NOW! Once again I’m glad I don’t need to wait. I’m probably going to have a book hangover when I finish the series. I highly recommend this series.