April 23, 2022

Things We Do in the Dark Review

Things We Do in the Dark Review

Title: Things We Do in the Dark
Author: Jennifer Hillier
Style: Thriller
Rating: 4/5

**Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur books for the arc in exchange for my review.  Things We Do in the Dark releases July 19th.

Paris wakes up covered in blood with her husband dead in the bathtub. His death is suspicious and because she's the much younger wife she is suspect number 1. As the story unfolds it seems Paris' past might catch up to her.

Things We Do in the Dark is a quick read, disturbing, dark and mysterious. It is my most anticipated read of 2022 and I was so excited that I was selected to review it early. Certain aspects were pretty predictable but didn't really bother me. The story has all the makings of a great thriller with its multiple points of view and dual timelines. Hillier isn't afraid to get pretty graphic at times which is one thing I love about her writing. I really couldn't put this story down and essentially read it in one sitting. Highly recommend it! See trigger warnings below.

**TW-child abuse both physical and sexual