December 22, 2020

These Violent Delights Review

Title: These Violent Delights
Chloe Gong
Fantasy, Young Adult, Retelling

“You chose me four years ago. Would you choose me still? Would you choose this version of me–these sharp edges and hands far bloodier than yours?”

The White Flowers and the Scarletts have been enemies for a long time. Juliette Cai is the heir of The Scarletts and Roma Montagov is the heir of The White Flowers. Roma was Juliette’s first love and also her first true betrayal. When both gangs are suffering from a new madness that causes the infected to claw out their throats to death, the pair must work together to put an end to it before it’s too late. A great Romeo and Juliet retelling that is a on the edge of your seat mystery/love story.

When I first heard about this book I knew I had to read it. Romeo and Juliet is a classic that I loved and read in high school. This story did not disappoint me. Juliette is one badass chick and Romo is a sensitive softie. They both discover that there is a sickness plaguing Shanghai, a monster in the river that is infecting people in the city. Despite their gangs being rivals and the history they share being former lovers, they decide to work together to solve the mystery. The story is fast paced, very detailed and exciting. My only complaint is that I don’t want to wait for the next book to come out. haha! I hope this book is turned into a movie someday!