March 30, 2022

The Younger Wife Review

Title: The Younger Wife
Author: Sally Hempworth
Style: Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 3/5

Stephen Ashton is getting married again to a woman named Heather who is younger than his two daughters, Rachel and Tully.  The former wife, Pam, is in a facility with advanced stages of dementia. The story opens with someone being hurt badly, maybe even murdered, at the wedding.  Then we go back in time moving forward allowing the reader to draw conclusions as to who was hurt and why.

The Good Sister was one of my favorite reads last year so I was super excited about this one.  It's a domestic thriller full of family secrets, lies and deception. Everyone seems to be hiding something making for a fast read. I love multiple points of view and short chapters.  I thought all the characters had their own voice and issues they were dealing with making them authentic and sometimes relatable.  While I enjoyed The Good Sister more than the Younger Wife, this one was still a pretty solid thriller and I highly recommend it.