February 13, 2021

The Wedding Date Review

The Wedding Date Review

Title: The Wedding Date
Author: Jasmine Guillory
Style: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Rating: 3/5

Alexa meets Drew on an elevator in hotel when the power goes out and they are stuck.  He is desperate for a date to a wedding where he once dated the bride and the groom is his best friend.   Alexa agrees to be his fake girlfriend and they have the time of their lives. Their attraction is instant and decide to spend almost every weekend together.  They are both strong willed people who seem destined for a long distance disaster.

What did I like:
1.  I really liked Alexa's character.  She is a strong, powerful and curvy black woman. She goes after what she wants professionally and I really liked that.
2. For the steamy romance lovers there is plenty of action in this book.
3. I really enjoyed a lot of the side characters.  Carlos, Theo and Maddie.  They all just seemed like really down to earth people.

What I did not like:
1.  I did not like Drew.  He seemed insecure, jealous and controlling. It didn't really seem like he redeemed himself in the end either. Honestly if Alexa were my friend and I'd tell her to run far far away.
2. I wish I could have seen more development of Alexa and Drew's relationship.  I am not a big fan of insta-lust.  I feel like best part of a romance novel is how the characters relationship builds over time. I felt like Alexa had more chemistry with one of the side characters.
3. Drew is a pediatric doctor who brings Alexa in to meet a patient.  He also shares personal information about that child patient. Not once but TWICE. I guess he's never heard HIPPA or maybe it doesn't exist in books.  

Overall I found this story okay.  I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either.