November 15, 2021

The School for Good Mothers Review

The School for Good Mothers Review

Title: The School for Good Mothers
Author: Jessamine Chan
Style: Contemporary, Dystopian
Rating: 4/5

"I am a bad mother, but I am learning to be good."

Heart wrenching, chilling and gutting, The School for Good Mothers tells the story of dystopian world in which mothers are put under a microscope by the government and sent to a reform school with little to no contact with their children for minor infractions like a child getting hurt at the park, posting much on negativity on social media or letting an 8 year old walk a few blocks alone.  The goal is to make them better mothers so they can raise their kids.  

The story shook me to the core because we live in a world where parents are judged constantly for how they parent or raise their kids.  I've read articles about CPS (Child Protective Services) being called when a mom let her kids play in the fenced in backyard alone and when a dad let his kids run 100 feet ahead during a hike. In this world these parents are sent to a reform school.  

The School of Good Mothers took me on an emotional journey and I could feel the pain these mothers felt as were forced to say things like "I am a bad mother but I am learning to be good." They endured impractical lessons by raising an artificially intelligent dolls with the goal of learning to be a better mother.  It was a reminder of the unrealistic expectations that mothers face on a regular basis. I found the characters to be relatable, kind, tender, determined and emotional. The storytelling pulled on my heart strings.  It made me feel mad, sad, and at times so livid that I wanted to crawl into my kindle and slap someone. If you are a fan of Handmaids Tale then this story is definitely for you.

**Thank you NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the e-arc which releases 1/4/22.