September 6, 2021

The Martian

The Martian

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Style: Science Fiction
Rating: 5/5

“If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people will coordinate a search. If a train crashes, people will line up to give blood. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world will send emergency supplies. This is so fundamentally human that it's found in every culture without exception. Yes, there are assholes who just don't care, but they're massively outnumbered by the people who do.”

Synopsis in Two Sentences:
A man gets left behind on Mars because his crew thought he had died. He fights to survive until he can hopefully be rescued.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book so much.  It got a little science heavy at certain parts for me but the overall story was so clever and well developed I didn't mind.  There was definitely MANY heart pounding moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved how determined all the characters were and how the world came together to help a man trapped on Mars. In the midst of global pandemic where sometimes it seems like are at odds with one another (at least in my country), it was refreshing to read a story about how the whole world became invested in a rescue mission.  I highly recommend this one.  The movie is fantastic too.