July 30, 2020

The Last Flight Review

Title: The Last Flight
Author: Julie Clark
Type: Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 288
Rating: 4/5

“Are we who we say we are, or do we become the person others see? Do they define us by what we choose to show them, or what they see despite our best attempts to conceal it?”

Gripping read that a times, will keep you on the edge of your seat. The reader is pulled into the story right away. The story has complex and strong female characters which is always a huge huge huge plus for me. The Last Flight follows Eva and Claire both with secrets to hide and both desperate to escape the lives in which they live. They meet at an airport and decide to switch tickets. The storyline goes from past to present while also switching point of views. It was easy to follow and the story flowed nicely. At times it was a little slow but overall, I really enjoyed the story and look forward to reading Julie’s other novel as well as future novels.