April 23, 2020

The Grace Year Review

Title: The Grace Year
Author: Kim Liggett
Type: Young Adult, Dystopian 
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Published: 2019
Pages: 416
Rating: 4/5

What is this book about?
No one is allowed to talk of the Grace Year. All thats known is that women have the power to persuade men and enrage other women with their powerful magic. In their sixteenth year women are banished in to release their magic and they refer it to as The Grace Year. Not all of them make it home and those that do are left with physical and emotional scars. The girls fight to stay alive both from each other and from porches seeking to capture them and sell them on the black market. This is a story about survival and love.

What did I think?
I really enjoyed this novel. I loved the characters and the storyline. I loved the dystopian feel to it. It reminded me of Lord of the Flies and The Handmaids Tale. These characters were complex and raw. I did this one on audio and the narrator interviewed the author at the end and it made me love the book even more. It was neat to hear how the author came up with the story and you can tell how much she loved writing this and how much emotion she put into it. I was also excited that this will be made into a movie. I know many didn’t like the ending but I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend this.