April 13, 2021

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek Review

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek Review

Title: The Book Woman of Trouble Creek
Author: Michele Kim Richardson
Style: Historical Fiction
Rating: 4/5

“Bring me new words when we meet again so I know the book and brain ain’t gathering dust”

Cussy Carter appears to be the last woman of her blue skinned ancestry. She is also a librarian for the Pack Horse Project of Kentucky.  She rides her mule up dangerous mountains to bring books and other materials to the poorest people of eastern Kentucky.  She is known as Bluet or bookwoman and becomes friends with all her patrons. She is determined to keep the joy of books alive and in the hands of others during the difficult time during the  1930's where people were starving and many judged Cussy due to the color of her skin.  The story is inspired by the blue skinned people of Kentucky and Pack Horse Library Service.

I had not heard of the blue people of Kentucky and found myself looking it up while and after I finished this book. I also didn't know anything about the Pack Horse Library Project.  Apparently they serviced 100,000 people in Kentucky between 1935-1943 when access and funding for libraries was low. These librarians crossed dangerous mountains to get books to people.  How incredible!  The library is my happy place. I can't imagine not having access to books or waiting an entire week for one book and it's whatever the Bookwoman could get.  I found the Cussy's character to be brave, loyal and inspiring. In fact, I really enjoyed all of the characters.  The story was creative, delightful and authentic. Highly recommend it.