July 13, 2020

The Beauty in Breaking Review

Title: The Beauty in Breaking
Author: Michele Harper
Type: Memoir
Pages: 304
Rating: 4/5

This review will be short and sweet. The Beauty in Breaking is a memoir that follows Dr Michele Harper in her journey of self discovery and self-healing. She is an ER doctor and each chapter is a new patient who taught her to find meaning in her own life. It’s beautiful how Dr Harper connects the lives of her patients with her own and how she can use these experiences to guide her in her own life. I’ll end with some of my favorite quotes. If you find meaning in these, then I highly recommend this book.

“If I can find stillness in this chaos, if I could find love beyond this violence, if I could heal these layers of wounds, then I would be the doctor in my own emergency room”

“Forgiveness condones nothing, but it does cast off the chains of anger, judgement, resentment, denial, and pain that choke growth. In this way, it allows for life, for freedom. So that’s what’s at stake when it comes to forgiveness: freedom. With this freedom we can feel better, be better and choose better next time.”

“As long as we’re willing to move forward, to nourish our body and spirit and allow for the disintegration of any attachments to the patterns that do not serve us, without our understanding exactly how the next bits will fall into place, beautiful outcomes do unfold.”