December 20, 2020

The Arrangement Review

Title: The Arrangement
Robyn Harding

Natalie is a struggling art student who is having a hard time paying her bills. She learns about a website from a classmate where she can get herself a sugar daddy. A man who will pay her for dates and conversation. Natalie meets Gabe, a man who is 30 years older than her and he seems perfect. In less than a month Natalie falls in love with Gabe but he has a family that he has no plans to leave. When Gabe ends things, Natalie can’t seem to let go. Gabe won’t let Natalie destroy his live. It was suppose to be a simple arrangement but it quickly turned into lust, obsession and when a body turns up near Gabe’s city apartment, murder.

What a wild ride! Robyn Harding is quickly becoming a favorite author. If there is one thing I love about this author, at least its happened in two of her books that I’ve read, it’s that she makes you hate most of the characters in her books but at the same time has you completely and totally invested in the story. It was a bit predictable at times but overall I thought it was a pretty solid thriller.