January 2, 2021

Shadow and Bone Trilogy Review

Title: The Shadow Bone Trilogy
Leigh Bardugo
Young Adult, Fantasy
Series Overall Rating:

It’s hard to give a full synopsis of an entire series but you can click here for a synopsis of the first book to get an idea of what its about.

I am going to keep this review short and sweet. I really enjoyed reading these books. I am a sucker or a good fantasy book. What’s not to love about good guys with a bit of magic and bad guys with a bit of magic battling it out. I really enjoyed the world building elements of this book and I loved the characters too. I thought the Bardugo did a great job portraying them as the young adults they were, at times they got a little annoying and immature but thats ok. haha. You know me, I love when books have strong female leads and there were a few in this book. I look forward to the Netflix series thats coming out soon.