September 30, 2021

September Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

September seemed to fly by!  How can tomorrow be October 1st already!?  In September I read 16 books.  That seems to be my average the last few months. I have too many favorites this month to pick. I highly recommend any of the ones I have marked as loved this month.  Here is the breakdown:

Audio- 4 (25%)
E-book- 3 (19%)
Physical- 9 (56%)

NetGalley- 2 (12.5%)
Own- 8 (50%)
Library- 2 (12.5%)
Gifted/Arc- 4 (25%)

Total Pages Read: 5,297
Average Pages Per Day: 177

Books I loved:
A Woman is No Man
The Martian
At Least I'm Not the Frog
These Toxic Things
Rock Paper Scissors
Razorblade Tears

Books I liked:
Her Perfect Life
Sky Falling
When Stars Rain Down
After Perfect
The Other Black Girl

Books  That Weren't For Me:
A Dream to Die For
The Layover
Riding High in April