September 18, 2020

Safe Review

Title: Safe
Author: S.K. Barnett
Type: Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 336
Rating: 3/5
Method Read: Physical

Jenny Kristal is 6 years old when her mom sends her two houses down to play with a friend. The problem is Jenny never made it. She was abducted. Now 12 years later she escapes her captures and she’s returned home. Shortly after her arrival questions begin to mount. Where has she been all these years. Is she safe?

Did this book keep me interested and was it fast paced? Yes. Did it keep me guessing? Also yes. Unfortunately it also fell short for me. It started out really strong but then it started to feel a little disjointed at times. I would have liked more background on one of the main characters. Certain parts just didn’t make sense which I can’t get into without spoiling the story. Parts of the story also felt a little out of left field. I don’t regret reading it but I was also looking for more.