December 12, 2021

Road of Bones Review

Road of Bones Review

Title: Road of Bones
Author: Christopher Golden
Style: Horror
Rating: 4/5

A 1200 mile road where rumors say bones of the dead lie beneath.  An abandoned town except one lone nine year old girl and a team chased by creepy hybrid creatures and the ghosts that lay beneath the road.  Temperature so cold you could freeze to death within minutes.

Dark, disturbing, heart pounding, supernatural horror novel that left me shaking in my boots.  This writing was very descriptive which usually isn't my thing but I really liked it in this novel.  I could vividly see the landscape of Siberia. The graphic descriptions of the weather and how it effects the body is terrifying.  There's also some gory that made my face scrunch up and saying ewwwee.  (spurting blood... snapped necks yikes!).

I found the story to be faced paced.  I had to know what these mystical creatures were and what their purpose was. I found the story to be creative and different than anything I've every read. This one definitely had me spooked though. My kids have a habit of jumping out at me at random times shouting BOO! and all I could think while I read this one was.... please don't do that or I will scream.  Another thing that makes this stand out.  The Road of Bones  exists and if you read this book I recommend googling it so you can get an idea of what it looks like.  It will make the book even more eerie.  

Overall I enjoyed this one. Those who are a fan of horror will enjoy this one. This is the type of book that would make a fantastic movie that would certainly have me hiding under blankets while I watched.