August 8, 2021

Remember Me Review

Remember Me Review

Title: Remember Me Review
Author: Estelle Laure
Style: Contemporary, Young Adult
Rating: 2/5

Book synopsis in a one or two sentences:
Blue realizes she has asked for some painful memories to be erased. She realized that she made a mistake and tries to convince the doctors to retrieve those missing memories.

My Thoughts:
I did not enjoy this book at all.   The premise of the book was intriguing but it was poorly executed. I wanted more character growth, especially in Blue, who suffered a pretty traumatic experience that she wanted to forget. For a large portion of the book, Blue was recovering her memories and it didn't allow for her to process the trauma in a meaningful way. Nor did she really learn anything from her experience. Also the idea of just being able to go to a doctor and have things wiped from your memory does not seem like a good way to treat mental health concerns. There is one thing I liked about this book, I loved that the author included a non-binary side character. That's about all I liked, unfortunately.

Thank you to Wednesday Books for the free advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review.