July 8, 2021

People We Meet on Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation

Title: People We Meet on Vacation
Author: Emily Henry
Style: Romance, Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4/5

“Like a good book or an incredible outfit, being on vacation transports you into another version of yourself.”

Alex and Poppy are best friends who met while in college.  Every summer they take a vacation just the two of them.  This kept this tradition for a decade. Until two summers ago when something ruined everything and they stopped speaking.  One accidental text later and before they both know it they are headed on another vacation.  

What a heartwarming friends to lovers story.  These characters were relatable, sweet and cute.  The story is solid and told in dual timelines.  It was fun to read about their past adventures which allowed for a strong growth in both their friendship and relationship.  There is also more to this story than just two friends falling in love.  Both characters had their own demons they were working though. I love when characters have personal growth because it makes them feel more real. Highly recommend this one!