January 17, 2021

People Like Her Review

Title: People Like Her
Ellery Lloyd

Emmy is a famous Instagram influencer known mamabare. She is married to Dan, an author. They display their lives in little squares for the world to see. One of her followers beings to be obsessed with Emmy, thinking she deserves nothing and wants to punish her. As the story unfolds it makes the characters question if they should share their life story online.

What did I like:
1. It was dark and twisty! I also thought it was fast paced. I couldn’t put it down. I really think the story makes you question how much of your life to share on social media.
2. The story had three different points of view. The wife, The husband and The Stalker. It was easy to distinguish between the three characters. It can be a challenge to write this way. I think author being a husband/wife team helped.
3. The ending! Whoa! I really liked it. It was disturbing, dark, and unbelievable.

What didn’t I like:
1. None of the characters were likable, but at the same time I was still engaged and wanting to know what happened. This is probably more of a like because it can be difficult to make a reader want to keep going with the story when you hate the characters.
2. I question how realistic this is when it comes to real instagram influencers. I would like to believe that people would go to the lengths that Emmy did for fame and followers but I’m sure people like her exist in the world.