February 26, 2022

Memphis Review

Memphis Review

Title: Memphis
Author: Tara M Stringfellow
Style: Contemporary, Historical Fiction  
Rating: 4/5

**Thank you Random House/Dial Press and NetGalley for the advanced readers' copy.  Memphis releases on April 5th.

**Mentions of rape and violence

Memphis is inspired by the author's family history and it tells the story of three generations of black women living in Memphis and how their lives are intertwined. It has some pretty tough themes like racism, poverty, violence, and sexual assault. It bounces around in points of view and timelines.  Many times the timelines reflect a significant thing that happened in our history e.g. 9/11 and the civil rights movement.  I loved all of these women characters.  I found them to be resilient, strong, forgiving and passionate. While it was gut wrenching at times it's also a story about sisterhood, hope, strength and perseverance.  This was a beautiful debut novel and I am so glad to have read it.  I look forward to more novels by Tara Stringfellow.