April 1, 2022

March 2022 Wrap Up

March 2022 Wrap Up

Another month come and gone and another 20 books read!  My favorite was probably The Violin Conspiracy, Blood Sugar or the Verifiers. Finally got around to utilizing my library. It's pretty rare for me to go this long without reading a library book. Per usual, I did have a bunch of holds come in at once. haha Heres the breakdown:

Audio: 3 (15%)
Ebook: 6 (30%)
Physical: 11 (55%)

NetGalley: 6 (30%)
Own: 9 (45%)
Library: 2 (10%)
Gifted: 3 (15%)

Pages Read: 7580
Average Pages per Day: 244

Books I loved:
The Violin Conspiracy
The Resting Place
He Gets that From Me (reread)  
Dark Circles
The Verifiers
Blood Sugar

Books I liked:
Serpent and Dove
The New Neighbor
Blood & Honey
God and Monsters
Twenty Years Later
Mercy Street
What Storm, What Thunder
The Younger Wife
I'll Be You
Beautiful Country
This May End Badly

Books that weren't for me:
The Perishing
Life a House on Fire