April 8, 2021

Little Pieces of Me Review

Little Pieces of Me Review

Title: Little Pieces of Me
Author: Allison Hammer
Style: Contemporary
Rating: 3/5

Thank you NetGalley and William Morrow for the advanced copy of Little Pieces of Me which comes out April 16th.

"The only blank pages in your life story are the ones yet to be written"

Paige Meyer's life is turned upside down when she receives an email from a DNA testing site that she has a new connection.  The email claims the new connection is her father.  A man she never met. Back in 1975, Besty Kaplan was a sophomore at a college in Kansas. After a disappointing birthday with her boyfriend she makes a mistake and spends the night with Andy Abrams who is hiding his own secret. Paige is desperate for answers and when she can't get them from her mother she goes to the only other person that was there that night.

Little Pieces of Me is told in dual timelines and multiple points of view. We spend time in the past with both Andy and Besty during their time in college as well as current time with Paige.  I found the characters to be relatable, raw and real. I also found the story to be cute and fresh, a new way to do the "I didn't know about my biological dad" storyline.  For the most part I enjoyed the story but sometimes I found the main character, Paige, to be younger than she actually was. At times she seems a little immature and not a woman in her early 40's.  Certain parts of the story were a little underdeveloped. There were several chapters where one of Paige's sisters, Florence (who is also a twin) comes to visit which I guess is not something she would normally do without her twin sister, but then that storyline doesn't continue much more beyond that.  I loved the overall message of the story that we are defined not just by our DNA but life experiences. I find myself wondering if the author was trying to add another layer to that overall message by adding in the Florence piece, (doing things without her twin sister). Overall a cute quick read.