November 8, 2020

Know My Name Review

Title: Know My Name
Author: Chanel Miller
Type: Memoir
Pages: 368
Rating: 5/5
Method Read: Physical

The world knows Brock Turner as the man who sexually assaulted Emily Doe on a Stanford campus and was only sentenced to 6 months in jail, only serving 3 months. The world knows Emily Doe as the one who put out a victim statement that was viewed by millions and translated globally. Chanel Miller is telling her heartbreaking but beautiful memoir that everyone needs to read. My review will do no justice the her beautiful writing. So instead I will say that this is a book everyone should read and I will share a few of my favorite quotes. I could fill this page though. It was hard to narrow it down.

The following quotes are from Chanel Miller’s memoir “Know My Name”

“Trauma was refusing to adhere to any schedule, didn’t seem to align itself with time. Some days it was distant as a star and other days it could wholly engulf me”

“Yet, all along there had been eyes watching me, rooting for me, from their own bedrooms, cars, stairwells, and apartments, all of us shielded inside our pain, our fear, our anonymity. I was surrounded by survives. I was part of we.”

“Ninety feet away from where you sit there is a spot where Brock’s knees hit the dirt, where the Swedes tackled him to the ground yelling, “What the fuck are you doing? Do you think this is okay?” Put their words on a plaque. Mark that spot, because in my mind I’ve erected a monument. The place to be remembered is not where I was assaulted, but where he fell, where I was saved, were two men declared to stop, no more, not here, not now, not ever.”

“This book does not have a happy ending. The happy part is there is no ending, because I’ll always find a way to keep going.”