April 21, 2022

Just Like Mother Review

Just Like Mother Review

Title: Just Like Mother
Author: Anne Heltzel
Style: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Thank you NetGalley and Tor Nightfire for the arc in exchange for my honest review.  Just Like Mother publishes May 17th.

Maeve hasn't seen her cousin Andrea since the cult they were a part of as children was exposed and they were rescued. Now as an adult they reconnect but as the story builds things aren't as they seem.

Haunting, disturbing, dark, fast paced and screwed up... like really screwed up. The storyline is a bit predictable, which honestly doesn't bother me that much.. I don't mind predictability.. especially if the story was done well. A plot hole here and there but they didn't take away from the story in my opinion. I really couldn't put it down and found it to be unique and memorable. I won't forget it anytime soon.  Did I mention it was disturbing at parts? I'll throw out some triggers at the end of the review.  Overall well done and I look forward to reading more of Anne Heltzel's novels

TW: Rape, unhealthy relationships, death of child, abuse, heavy gaslighting, cult, and sexual harassment.