July 31, 2021

July Wrap Up

July Wrap Up

I had another awesome month.  I read a total of 19 books.  One of these was a short story that was only 10 pages and another was only 78 pages. A few others were around 200 pages.  Here's the full breakdown.

Audio-4 (21%)
E-book-6 (32%)
Physical-9 (47%)

NetGalley-9 (47%)
Own-5 (26.5%)
Library-5 (26.5%)

Total Pages: 5706
Total Pages per day: 184

I had a lot of NetGalley reads this month because they are doing a bingo card for fun. I think the intention is to have you work on the books you've been approved for. Instead it's made me request more titles.  haha! It also made me branch out and try some of their audio collection which is why some of these titles are shorter books.

It was really hard to pick a favorite this month.  It's probably a tie between Guncle and Project Hail Mary with Velvet is the Night not far behind.

Books I loved:
When the Stars Go Dark
People We Meet on Vacation
How to Talk When Kids Won't Listen
The Family Plot
Out Mouse
How Lucky
Project Hail Mary
Velvet is the Night
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Last House on the Street

Books I liked:
The Babysitter:My Summer with a Serial Killer
Survive the Night
Best Day Ever
We are the Brennans
A True Loaf

Books that weren't for me:
The Perfect Family
Oh William!
Almost Missed You