November 8, 2020

Invisible Girl Review

Title: Invisible Girl
Author: Lisa Jewell
Type: Thriller, Mystery,
Pages: 368
Rating: 3/5
Method Read: E-Book

Owen a 30 year old virgin who lives with his aunt is suspended from his job as teacher after allegations of sexual misconduct. Cate a physiotherapist and Roan a child psychologist are the neighbors who live across the street. They find Owen creepy. Their teenager daughter swears he followed her home one night. Finally, Saffrye a high school student who spent 3 years as a patient of Roan. She just wants to know more about Roan’s family so she decides to stalk and follow him. One night she disappears right outside his home. What happened to Saffrye and how are these characters connected?

What did I like:
1. I found this story very fast paced and I was entertained almost the whole time. None of the characters were super likeable either but I still found myself wanting to know what was going on. I read this with a group of friends. We’d read a section each day and then discuss. I found myself wanting to read ahead.
2. Multiple viewpoints. These are my FAV!
3. The storyline kind of felt like it was broken into sections. You would sometimes go several chapters without seeing a characters or having a chapter with that characters point of view. I know this sounds annoying but it really worked well for the story.

What did I not like:

Seriously. Possible Spoiler. You have been warned.

1. This was a solid 4 until the end. This was my favorite Lisa Jewell book until the end. I got to the end and found myself saying “that’s it” It was was super underwhelming. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head and then it was what it was and I was annoyed.