April 16, 2021

Infinite Country Review

Infinite Country Review

Title: Infinite Country
Author: Patricia Engel
Style: Contemporary, Historical Fiction
Rating: 4/5

"Maybe there is no nation or citizenry; they're just territories mapped in place of family. in place of love, the infinite country."

A family from Columbia decides to get a temporary visa and go to North America in search of a better life.  Mauro, Elena and newborn Karina hope to get our of the dangers of Columbia.  When their Visa expires they decide to stay and have two more children.  Shortly after Talia, their last child, is born Mauro is detained and deported. Talia, being a US citizen is sent with her father because as a US citizen she will be able to return someday.  A heartbreaking story about a family split in two determined to be reunited one day.

Infinite Country is a beautiful story that gives a glimpse into the minds of the five family members.  The story is very relatable to immigrant families as they feel torn with how they feel about the country in which they live as well as the country they were born into.  Karina longing for Columbia feeling out of place in America.  Talia longing to be with her mother, brother and sister in America but also feels connected to her roots in Columbia.  Families separated from one another when they desperately want to be together is gut wrenching. My only complaint is that I wish the story was longer.  I would have liked to have gotten to know these characters more and hear more of their story. Overall a great read and one I think everyone should read to have a better understanding of immigrant families and what they go though.