December 17, 2020

In A Holidaze Review

Title: In a Holidaze
Christina Lauren

“I’ve essentially handed my heart over to the person who’s had it on reserve for half my life, and I’m terrified that he doesn’t realize what he’s holding.”

Maelyn Jones is lives with her parents, hates her job and is in love with her best friend, Andrew but he doesn’t know it. Every holiday her family, along with two other families go to a cabin in Utah. They’ve been doing it for years. The night before they are about to leave she has a drunken kiss with Andrew’s brother, Theo. Then to make matters worse, the last day of the vacation the Andrew’s parents and owners of the cabin, share that they are selling the cabin. Maelyn is devastated that a long standing tradition appears to be ending. As Maelyn’s family drives away she pleads with the universe to show her what will make her happy. Suddenly theres a screech of tires and Maelyn is thrown into the past. She finds herself on an airplane heading to the cabin, the last few days are about to be repeated. The universe is allowing her to relive the vacation and she must figure out how to get it right this time.

What a cute little romance story that has another one of my favorite tropes, friends to lovers. This was such a fast and fun read. Maelyn is caught in her own “groundhogs day” reliving the last few days which gives her the courage to take risks and go after what she wants. After all, she’s probably going to have to do the day all over again anyway. This had me giggling and smiling from ear to ear. I adored all the characters theres something magical about a holiday romance book. I loved the storyline so much! It’s my second Christina Lauren book and I am realizing that I really NEED to read all her books. They are fun, cute and fast reads.