March 30, 2022

I'll Be You Review

I'll Be You Review

Title: I'll Be You
Author: Janelle Brown
Style: Contemporary, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

**Thank You Random House and NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my review.  I'll Be You comes out April 26th.

Sam and Ellie are identical twins and became childhood TV stars oftentimes doing a shared role (like Michelle on Full House). They would often pretend to be each other. They have a falling out when they are grown-ups and Sam is surprised when she receives a call from her mom that Ellie had taken a relaxing weekend to recharge and decided to spend a bit more time away. She needs help caring for Ellie's daughter Charlotte until Ellie is back. After arriving, Sam's twin intuition tells her that Ellie is in trouble and begins to search for clues as to where she may have gone and why.

I liked how this novel was written. The first part was in Sam's perspective and the second was in Ellie's. It lets you see the voice and personality of each twin separately over a long period of time.  I really enjoyed getting to know these two characters. There were flashbacks to their lives as childhood actors which I thought was super neat. I also how it touched on the difficulties with child actors and how easy addiction can be in that environment.  The overall story kept me interested and pulled in. I wouldn't really classify it as a thriller. Maybe a domestic drama with a mystery attached. I was excited about the puzzle of where Ellie was and Sam's detective work to find her. Overall a great read!