July 4, 2021

How to Talk When Kids Won't Listen Review

How to Talk When Kids Won't Listen Review

Title: How to Talk When Kids Won't Listen
Author: Joanna Faber and Julie King
Style: Parenting
Rating: 5/5

How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen, Listen so Little Kids Will Talk is one of my favorite parenting books.  I recommend it to all my friends and family who have kids.  When I saw Joanna and Julie had a new book coming out, I knew that I would read it.  Especially when I have a child, who despite using the techniques in their first book, does not listen often.

The first part of the book is a small recap or reminder of the important topics discussed in their first book.  Acknowledging feelings, engaging cooperation, offering choices, problem solving, praise etc etc etc.  The second part of the book provides more examples of how to put these techniques into practice. To be honest, it was more or less an extension of their last book.  Only there are more examples of how to apply these skills in your parenting.  The examples are more specific and therefore more helpful. I found it useful because if a parent is having an issue with a particular battle, like sharing or homework then can flip to that specific chapter for tips.

I love the writing style of these two authors.  It has great flow and they provide plenty of examples of how to put this into practice and when/how it worked for others. Each section ends with a recap which is helpful.  The writing isn't dry or hard to follow which can be common in other parenting books.  The way the book is formatted makes it easy to skip the sections that don't apply to you at the time.

I won't lie, while I enjoyed reading this book, I kept saying in my head "but what about a kid like mine?  A kid who really doesn't respond well when I acknowledge his feelings which doesn't allow me to put the other skills into practice" and then they had a whole section for me which was titled "Troubleshooting" There was some good ideas that I could try to put into practice in the future with my challenging child.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and the authors get another 5 stars from me.  I feel like this book is coming out at the perfect time.  After being home with my kids for the last 16 months because of COVID, I realized that I had defaulted away from acknowledging feelings and engaging cooperation. I slipped back into some of the ways I used to parent before reading their first book. This book kind of gave me a bit of a reboot which I am grateful for. It was a refreshing read and makes me feel rejuvenated when it comes to parenting some of the challenging behaviors .  

Thank you to NetGalley and Scribner for the advanced readers' copy in exchange for my honest review.  This book comes out August 3rd!