July 18, 2021

How Lucky

How Lucky

Title: How Lucky
Author: Will Leitch
Style: Contemporary, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

“One of the many annoying things about being disabled is the obligation I always feel to make you feel better about your reactions to me.”

Daniel lives with a debilitating disease that is slowly weakening him which will eventually kill him.  It's left him with the inability to speak and he's confined to a wheelchair. He spends most of his time online or sitting on his porch watching the coming and goings of his neighborhood. When Daniel witnesses what appears to be a person being abducted he does everything he can to share what he saw.

What a heartwarming and inspirational story about friendship, hope and acceptance with a mix of whoduniut and suspense. I loved the representation of a person with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy).  I can tell that this disease has impacted the author in some way. What a beautiful tribute to Miller, his son's good friend. I loved all the characters and felt they were developed well. I enjoyed this being written from the perspective of Daniel. At times, it felt as if the reader was inside his head. Overall a very enjoyable read.