March 24, 2021

Honey Girl Review

Honey Girl Review

Title: Honey Girl
Author: Morgan Rogers
Style: Romance, Coming of Age
Rating: 3/5

"Perhaps flesh-eating monsters people who break their molds and their boxes and find themselves demanding all they have been denied"

After graduating with her PhD Grace Porter takes a girls trip to Vegas.  When she wakes up the next day she find that she had too much to drink and gets married to a girl from New York.  As she struggles with what to do with her life she decides to spend the summer with Yuki, her new wife. Soon reality hits and Grace must figure out what to do about her future.

For the most part I enjoyed this story.  I really related to Grace Porter, as I think most young adults do.  When she struggled with where to go with her life after graduating. After spending so many years school/higher learning I feel like there is a moment in every young adult life that says 'now what'.  I feel like this book had some tough themes  with mental heath and the microaggressions BIPOC deal with not just on a regular basis but when it comes to a professional career.  There were things I didn't love about it.  I feel like some parts of the story were underdeveloped. It was hard to understand the side characters and their relation to each other as well as to Grace.  I feel like there could have been more romance between Grace and Yuki.  I did appreciate the self discovery of Grace's character and how she overcame her demons.  Overall I did enjoy this book and I am excited to read more novels by this author.