June 10, 2020

Home Before Dark Review

Title: Home Before Dark
Author: Riley Sager
Type: Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 384
Rating: 3.5/5

Maggie Holt lives in the shadow of her Father’s book, House of Horrors which details the time her family lived in Baneberry Hall 25 years ago. Her father claims the home was haunted and that is why they left in a hurry. When Maggie’s father dies and she inherits the house unexpectedly, Maggie decides to get to the bottom of the memoir which she believes to be a complete lie. She goes to Baneberry Hall to get answers. She remembers nothing from her time there and doesn’t believe in ghosts. Once she arrives, her time at Baneberry Hall as a child begins to unfold and she starts to question her everything. Is he fathers book the truth? What secrets does the house hold? Will Maggie find the answers she’s looking for?

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2020. Riley Sager is one of my favorite authors and tends to suck me in right away. While this book did not disappoint me, it isn’t my favorite either. When I realized this was a ghost story, I excepted to be scared. I’ve read other books that have left me shaking and sadly, this didn’t do that. The story did keep me entertained and I loved that the story alternated between the memoir and present day. I didn’t see the final twist coming but at the same time I was a little underwhelmed with the ending. Sager is still remains one of my favorite authors though and I look forward to future books.