August 14, 2020

He Started It Review

Title: He Started It
Author: Samantha Downing
Type: Thriller/Mystery
Pages: 384
Rating: 5/5

“You want a heroine. Someone to root for, to identify with. She can’t be perfect, though because that will make you feel bad about yourself. A flawed heroine, then. Someone who may break the rules to protect her family but doesn’t kill anyone unless it’s self defense. Not murder, though, at least not the cold blooded kind.”

I loved My Lovely Wife and was so excited when I heard Samantha was coming out with a new book. This was probably one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. I originally requested to read an early release and was declined. Then covid hit and the release date was pushed back from April to July. When I got the email from my library it was available I shrieked.

Samantha Downing did not disappoint! A grandfather dies and an extremely dysfunctional family is set inherit all his money. There’s a twist though. They must repeat the road trip they took as kids. Soon you learn they are all hiding secrets, including having a dead body in the trunk and not only that it seems like someone is following them. Oh and someone is missing. What are these secrets and how is it all connected? Who is following them? Who is this missing person? Will they receive the inheritance?

“I love my siblings, all of them, I really do. I also hate them. That’s how it goes – love, hate, love, hate, back and forth like a seesaw. “

What a wild ride! Shockingly dark, deceptive and full of twists and turn this is a must read! The short chapters make this a quick read. The story goes between past and present and you learn some pretty disturbing things that happened to them when they went on this road trip as kids that helped shape who they are as adults. Lots of twists I didn’t see coming and to say the ending was shocking is an understatement. Read this now!