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Happy & You Know It Review


Title: Happy & You Know It
Author: Laura Hankin
Type: Chick Lit, Contemporary
Pages: 384
Rating: 4/5

These characters are certainly relatable to a degree. As a mother myself, I constantly feel pressure to be the perfect parent/mother often time worry if others are judging the choices I am make. These mothers are rich privileged ladies who invite struggling musician, Claire, into their playgroup to aid in their children’s development through music. Claire, motherless herself, is accepted into their clique but quickly finds out all their dirty secrets. The book definitely gave off a Big Little Lies vibe and is also told in multiple viewpoints. The storyline and plots are good enough to keep you guessing and wondering what’s going on. I definitely didn’t see the plot twist coming. Great read that explores female relationships and talks about the struggles and happy times of motherhood.

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