February 19, 2022

Girl In Ice Review

Girl In Ice Review

Title: Girl In Ice
Author: Erica Ferencik
Style: Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Thank you NetGalley and Gallery/Scout Press for the e-arc in exchange for my honest review.  Girl In Ice comes out March 1st.

Wyatt, a climate scientist finds a young girl frozen in ice in the Arctic Circle who likely died 100's of years ago.  He thaws her and she's alive. He enlists the help of Val, a language expert, to learn to communicate with the girl who is speaking an unknown language. Val is also looking for answers to her brother's mysterious death. Her brother who worked with Wyatt.

This story pulled me in immediately.  I thought the story was unique, chilling and at times a little creepy.  Not sure if creepy is the right word but you have a group of people far from civilization in a frozen tundra.  It's hard to know who to trust and with that isolation it's easy to go a little crazy. I loved the growth that Val's character had throughout the story as she learned more about the girl in ice. The story kept me on the edge of my seat because I wanted to know why the girl was able to be revived after being in ice.  There's also the side story of Val's brother's mysterious death.  Overall this story was clever. I would love to know how the author thought of this story as well as what kind of research went into the story. I've had this on my NetGalley shelf since August. I guess my only regret is that it took me this long to read it.