September 17, 2021

Fresh Review

Fresh Review

Title: Fresh
Author:  Margot Wood
Style: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Rating: 5/5

“What can I say? I'm a girl with a healthy footnote fetish.”

Synopsis in Two Sentences:
Elliot attends college as an undecided Freshman.  While she makes mistakes in her first year of college, these mistakes help her define who she is supposed to be.

My Thoughts:
Gah! I loved this book so much!  The story brought back a bit of nostalgia for my college experience. Crammed classroom, early classes, tiny dorm rooms, new friends, new experiences and even running outside in the middle of the night because the fire alarm went off. The format in which this story is told is unique and clever.  It allows us to get to know Elliot on a deeper level. I also loved the little footnotes scattered throughout the story.  In fact, I loved every single character, well except one but if you read the book you'll understand.  As I got near the end, I began to get weepy because I did not want to say goodbye to this story.  It's not often that I become attached to characters in such a way that I mourn for them after I finish.  I loved how much these characters grew during this story. I highly recommend this story.