April 3, 2020

Eight Perfect Murders

Title: Eight Perfect Murders
Author: Peter Swanson
Type: Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: William Morrow
Published: 2020
Pages: 270
Rating: 4/5

What is this book about?
Malcom Kershaw helps run a used bookstore. He also runs a blog and one day he wrote a post titled “Eight Perfect Murders” in which he shared his 8 of his favorite books that contain the perfect murders. On a snowy day in February, an FBI agent walks into his bookstore. She’s looking for help on some unsolved murders that look similar to the killings on Malcom’s list. Who is doing these killings and are they using Malcom’s list? Is Malcom hiding secret of his own?

What did I think?
I am a big fan of Peter Swanson’s books and while this was not my favorite book that he’s written it still doesn’t disappoint. I found the storyline to be one thats different than other thrillers and super clever. The fact that Swanson researched and found eight novels with perfect murders and wove them into this story was creative. I highly recommend this one.