October 17, 2021

Dial A for Aunties

Dial A for Aunties

Title: Dial A for Aunties
Author: Jesse Sutanto
Style: Mystery, Romcom
Rating: 4/5

“I told you to buy Glad brand. Haven’t you seen their ads? Glad bags will hold his cut-up body just fine, no leaks!”

Synopsis in One Sentence:
One accidental murder and a family of aunts plus a mom helping cover it up while also trying to work a million dollar wedding.

My Thoughts:
Goodness!  This book had me cackling many times.  It was hilariously funny.  I loved the Chinese-Indonesian cultural references in the book. It was woven into the story that was the perfect mix of culture, mystery and romance.  Dial A for Aunties is a quick fast paced read.  The writing is light and fluffy.  The characters are loyal, witty and comical.  I did this one on audio and the narration was perfect. I can't wait to see these characters in future books. This book had the perfect balance  of mystery and romance.  I highly recommend it.